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Use medical transparent dressings to pay attention to what the problem

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Use medical transparent dressings to pay attention to what the problem

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No thing is perfect. Just look at this thing is flawed, or Yu do not cover the flaws, and sometimes just fancy a certain function of it, such as the poison to attack the argument. So, in the use of any items, to combine their own situation to choose, not parrot, blindly follow. Shandong laugh Kang Biological Technology Co., Ltd. said.

    The use of medical transparent dressings is the same. The use of medical clear dressings in medical institutions is very extensive and does bring us convenience. Because the use of imported pressure-sensitive adhesive, so non-toxic without stimulation. It also has a good breathable performance, good softness, easy to roll, the operation is very convenient, in many occasions can be used.

However, the medical transparent dressing is not suitable for all, if the medical transparent dressing colloid will produce allergic reactions, triggering the emergence of redness and other phenomena, it is necessary to timely deactivation, if necessary, can also take medication; or in medical treatment Before explaining to the doctor, take other measures.

There is also a situation: medical transparent dressing posted a long time, there is redness, and accompanied by small blisters, but also itch. This situation is generally because the medical tape in the body paste for too long caused by, as long as some of the topical ointment, will soon improve, and in the future to be used in the process to pay attention.

In summary, the use of medical transparent dressings vary from person to person, as well as pay attention to not be posted on the paste too long. So that we can enjoy the convenience it brings to us.



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