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How to use Bandage correctly

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How to use Bandage correctly

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1, paste before the simple disinfection.

    Many people are injured after the first idea is that the wound can not be water, so do not deal with the wound, directly stickers can be posted, that the bandits can be inside the drug can play the role of disinfection.

    In fact, before the use of Band-Aid, first of all to check whether the wound left with dirt, if unclean, must be used to disinfect the saline first clean the wound, and then paste Band-Aid. If the wound is nails and other objects puncture and deep, you should immediately go to the hospital, while the need to inject tetanus antitoxin.

  2, Band-Aid at least once a day.

    Open the tape can be wrapped, should avoid contaminated drug surface. Apply, the drug must be aligned on the wound, posted on the sides of the wound after a little pressure. When using Band-Aid, please note:

    First, at any time to observe the wound changes, if the wound consciously similar to the pulse beating "pulsating pain", or secretions overflow, to promptly open the wound around the wound with or without pain. If so, that the wound has been infected, should immediately ask the doctor to deal with.

    Second, to protect the wound, do not often hand pinch the wound, the wound as little as possible local activities to prevent the collision, so as not to split the wound.

    Third, bandits can not be used too long, at least one day for a change.

  3, fingers do not circle around the paste.

    Many people after the injury of the fingers will be wounded around the fingers posted a circle. In fact, in the fingers, toes with a band-aid for the ring bandage, there is a certain risk. If the dressing is too tight, easy to cause the fingers and toes of poor blood flow, the wound healing rate slowed down. Suzhou 4-year-old girl belongs to this situation, Band-Aid cloth, cattle tendons affect the blood circulation.

  4, with a bandit with a drug, be careful allergy.

    In general, with the drug and not with the role of the band-aid almost, but with the drug will cause allergies. Paste the Band-Aid, if burning sensation, to immediately disable.

  5, valid for 3 years.

    Look at the use of packaging, more than 3 years of Band-Aid can not guarantee sterility, once expired as soon as possible to throw away.

  6, gauze than Kondo paste more reliable.

    If not emergency, you should choose to use gauze rather than band-aid treatment of wounds. Compared to Band-Aid, gauze more breathable, absorption of exudate, not easily lead to local moist and infection. Generally take a little larger than the wound 1 to 2 cm gauze on it, after coating covered in the wound, and then breathable anti-allergy tape dressing.

    Try to keep the wound in a clean and dry state, if the wound wound gauze is contaminated or flooded to be replaced, disinfected wound re-bandaged, if there is swelling and pain exudation and so on, then the infection has to go to the hospital.

    I believe that many people in the use of Band-Aid, have encountered such a worry: posted on the body parts of the arc on the Band-Aid, not a moment to fall; if posted at the joints also hinder the activities, did not move a few easy to fall off. How can we make a sticky sticky solid? The following life king taught you a way.



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