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Scar application steps

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Scar application steps

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Let us together with Lianyungang Guangyi Medical Dressing Co., Ltd. to learn under the scar of the relevant knowledge.

Scar application steps

1, please choose more than scar 1-2cm above specifications;

2, the use of scar before the application, please wash your hands with soap or shower gel, scar parts, and completely dry;

3, please open the bag, remove the scar application, tear off the veneer on a layer of transparent release paper, the sticky side with the scar close fit, emptying the air;

4, please try to paste once, do not repeatedly peeled off, will affect the stickiness and effect, from the end of the first paste, emptying the air, the bubble will affect the sticky, once exposed should be timely cleaning;

5, please try to choose a type of specifications, for cutting, please use the sharp scissors in the anti-adhesive film is not peeled before the cut, to avoid scarring edge damage and burr;

6, please as much as possible to cut the edge of the scar cut smooth, can reduce the edge of the edge of the phenomenon of peeling;

7, according to the scar shape and size of the use of cutting, scar application area should be beyond the edge of the scar 1-2cm, if the scar width 0.5 * 5 cm will cut into 1.5 * 6 cm above the use of scar hypertrophy should be cut Width 2.5 * 7 cm, cutting too small will affect the stick sticky sticky and the effect of special parts can be cut according to the actual, the edge should not cut too small;

8, if the scar area can be a large number of simultaneous paste stitching, but the edge must be aligned;

9, if the skin to adapt to scar stickers, can be used continuously - all day. If the skin can not adapt to scar stickers, can be used gradually, the first use of 2-4 hours later, check the skin condition, disable 1-2 hours and then use, slowly increased to 24 hours a day for continuous use, so that the skin has a process of adaptation;

10, in order to achieve the desired effect, please use more than 12 hours a day, as much as 24 hours to use, try not to peel down, in addition to bath, the time to stop each time as much as 30 minutes;

11, each treatment for 3 months, please continue to use more than 2 courses until the scars to achieve satisfactory results until the scars, more serious scar need to continue to use 1 year or even longer, the scar is not stable before the withdrawal may lead to scars again Form or rebound.

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