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Various medical dressings

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Various medical dressings

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Lianyungang Guangyi Medical Dressing Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of pu transparent tape, scar application, medical pu film. Let us work with professional personnel to learn the characteristics of a variety of medical dressings it

Natural gauze:

(Cotton pad) This is the use of the earliest and most extensive class of dressings.


1, strong and rapid absorption of wound wound exudate

2, the production process is relatively simple


1, permeability is too high, easy to make the wound dehydration

2, adhesive wounds, replacement will cause re-mechanical damage

3, the external environment of microorganisms easy to pass, cross the chance of infection higher

4, the amount of more frequent replacement, time-consuming, and patient pain

As a result of the reduction of natural resources, the cost of gauze is gradually increasing. Therefore, in order to avoid excessive use of natural resources, the application of polymer materials (synthetic fibers) into medical dressings, which is synthetic fiber dressings.

Synthetic fiber dressings:

This kind of dressing has the same advantages as gauze, such as economy, and has good absorption performance, etc., and some products also have self-adhesive, so that it is very convenient to use. However, such products also have the same shortcomings of gauze, such as high permeability, the external environment, particulate matter without blocking and so on.

Polyether dressings:

This is a more advanced dressing, with oxygen, water vapor and other gases can be free and transparent, and the environment of particulate foreign matter such as dust and microbes can not pass the characteristics.


1, blocking the environment microbial invasion of the wound, to prevent cross-infection

2, there is moisture, so that the wound moist, will not stick the wound, which will not produce the replacement of mechanical mechanical injury

3, self-adhesive, easy to use, and transparent, easy to observe the wound situation


1, poor ability to absorb exudate

2, the cost is relatively high

3, the wound around the skin dipping opportunities, so this type of dressing is mainly used in postoperative and exudation of small wounds, or as an adjunct to other dressings dressings.

Foam multimeric dressings

This is a kind of high-molecular material (PU) foam from the dressing, the surface is often covered with a layer of poly-semi-permeable membrane, and some also have self-adhesive.


1, fast and powerful exudate absorption capacity

2, low permeability, so that the wound to keep moist, to avoid replacement dressings occur again mechanical damage

3, the surface of the semipermeable membrane barrier properties, to prevent environmental particulate matter such as dust and microbial invasion, to prevent cross-infection

4, easy to use, good adaptability, can be suitable for all parts of the body

5, thermal insulation, buffer the external momentum


1, due to too strong absorption performance, for low exudation of the wound may affect their own debridement process

2, the cost is relatively high

3, due to opaque, inconvenient to observe the wound

Water colloid dressings:

Its main ingredient is a very strong water-based hydrocolloid -------- carboxymethyl cellulose sodium particles (CMC), and hypoallergenic medical adhesives, with elastomers, plasticizers, etc. Together constitute the dressing body, the surface is a layer of semi-permeable poly-film structure. This dressing is in contact with the wound exudate and absorbs the exudate and forms a gel to prevent the dressing from adhering to the wound. At the same time, the semipermeable membrane structure of the surface allows oxygen and water vapor to be exchanged, It is resistant to external particulate matter such as dust and bacteria.


1, can absorb the wound exudate and some toxic substances

2, to keep the wound moist, retention of the wound itself, the release of bioactive substances in the wound healing to provide an optimal micro-environment, but also can accelerate the process of wound healing

3, with debridement

4, the formation of gel, to protect the exposed nerve endings, reduce pain, while replacement dressings will not cause mechanical injury again

5, with self-adhesive, easy to use

6, good compliance, the user feels comfortable, and the appearance of hidden

7, blocking the external granular foreign body such as dust and bacteria intrusion, replace the number of dressings less, so as to reduce the labor intensity of nurses

Accelerated wound healing can save costs


1, the absorption capacity is not very strong, so for high permeability wounds, often need to use other auxiliary dressings to enhance the absorption performance

2, the higher the cost of the product

3, individual patients may be allergic to the ingredients

It can be said that this is a kind of ideal dressing, clinical experience in foreign decades of application shows that: hydrocolloid dressing on the effect of chronic wounds is particularly prominent.

Alginate dressings:

Alginate dressings are one of the most advanced medical dressings. Alginate dressing its main ingredient is alginate, is extracted in seaweed natural polysaccharide carbohydrate, as a natural cellulose.

Alginate medical dressings, a highly absorbent functional functional wound dressing consisting of alginates. The medical film exposed to the wound exudate, can form a soft gel, wound healing to provide the ideal moist environment, promote wound healing, relieve wound pain.

Mechanism of action:

1, safe non-toxic: alginate medical film is extracted in seaweed natural polysaccharide carbohydrates, as a natural polymer material, the human body without any toxicity, can be safe to use.

2, high hygroscopicity: alginate medical film can absorb the equivalent of its own weight 11 times the liquid.

3, hemostatic: alginate medical membrane contact wound exudate the release of Ca2 +, can promote the formation of prothrombin activator, accelerate the blood coagulation process.

4, Adhesive: absorption of wound exudate, and exudate Na + / Ca2 + ion exchange, in the wound surface to form a stable mesh gel. Create a microenvironment conducive to tissue growth (slightly acidic, anaerobic or hypoxic, moderately moist) for the wound.

5, to promote wound healing: slightly acidic, anaerobic or hypoxia, moderate moist wound environment to promote the release of growth factors, stimulate cell proliferation, improve the regeneration of epidermal cells and cell movement, promote wound healing.

6, antibacterial:

①, good sealing, so that the wound and external bacteria isolated;

②, harmful bacteria are fixed in the fiber inside, effectively inhibit the breeding of harmful bacteria and reduce the chance of contact with bacteria and the wound;

③, humid, slightly acidic environment conducive to neutrophils play a role in enhancing the local bactericidal ability to reduce the incidence of infection.

7, to reduce local pain: the surface of the formation of hydrogel effectively protect the nerve slightly, to avoid external stimuli; not easily with the wound adhesion, easy to remove, reduce wound pain.

8, to reduce scar formation: no irritation to the wound, no damage, so scar formation less.


1, strong and rapid ability to absorb exudate

2, the formation of gel, to keep the wound moist and non-stick wound, protect the exposed nerve endings, reduce pain

3, to promote wound healing;

4, can be biodegradable, good environmental performance;

5, to reduce scar formation;


1, most products do not have self-adhesive, need to help dressings to be fixed

2, the cost is relatively high

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