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Common types of medical dressings

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Common types of medical dressings

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First, the medical infusion bottle paste

Medical infusion bottle paste by the film, absorbent pad, release paper, gasket composition. Mainly used for opening after the intravenous infusion bottle, to prevent contamination of the infusion bottle. Applicable departments: infusion room and other departments.

Second, neonatal umbilical cord ligation protection zone

Neonatal umbilical cord ligation protection by the protection zone, umbilical cord line (including the valve core), umbilical cord rope, gauze block, adhesive deduction, cotton swab composition. Product components, size and number of pieces can be produced according to the contract. Apply to medical unit baby delivery. Applicable departments: obstetrics and gynecology

Third, one-time use of sterile dressing bag

Disposable use of sterile dressings package components can be: surgical clothing, surgical cap, surgical single, medical surgical mask, hole towel, treatment towel, hip towel, car alone, bed sheets, foreskin, gauze block, gauze pad Sterile cotton and non-absorbent cotton), mats, gauze bandages, disposable sterile rubber surgical gloves, umbilical cord, baby cloth, perineum, mats, triangular diaper, plastic pots, plastic bowls, pallets, plastic One-time use of medical rubber gloves, umbilical cord, umbilical cord, umbilical cord, urine, leg, disposable use of medical rubber gloves, disposable use of medical film gloves, umbilical cord, umbilical cord, Sterile vaginal dilator, test tube (with plastic plug) and other components. Package components, size and number of pieces can be produced according to the contract supply. Specifications Model: surgical package, production package, intervention surgery package, sterile ligation package, diaper bag, cesarean section, sterile miscarriage package, auxiliary package, gynecological examination package.

Applicable to medical unit surgery, delivery. Applicable departments: operating room, obstetrics, intervention, gynecology and so on.

Fourth, medical surgical gauze dressing

Medical surgical gauze dressing in accordance with the YY0331 standard absorbent cotton gauze made by folding, the product is divided into sterile dressing and non-sterile two, can contain X-ray detection components. Medical dressings, for medical surgery, dressing and so on. Applicable departments: all sections Specifications Model: gauze, gauze block, towel, gauze swab (roll or ball).



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