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Medical dressing industry development

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Medical dressing industry development

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Industry faces multiple challenges

    In recent years, China's medical dressing industry to maintain rapid development, exports accounted for the global medical dressings total exports of more than 20%. Because China is a traditional textile power, but also the world's largest cotton producer, consumer and importer, cotton yarn production, textile industry chain is more perfect, has a good advantage of industrial clusters. Therefore, the export advantage products are mainly cotton, gauze, bandages and other natural materials like medical dressings. But the technical difficulty of these products is low, the added value is not high. In addition, although it is already in the post-crisis era, the global economy is slowly recovering, but China's export industry is facing some difficulties, medical dressing industry is not spared. In 2010, from the national statistical bureau released prices and other economic data, the consumer price index (CPI) and industrial producer price index (PPI) and other sectors continue to rise, China's inflationary pressures further increased.

Lack of cotton production

    Cotton dressing products accounted for more than 90% of the total medical dressings exports, therefore, changes in cotton prices on China's medical dressings a great impact, and this year the global cotton supply has many uncertainties: global food shortages Forcing many countries to reduce cotton acreage and switch to food crops. At the same time, climate change has also affected global cotton production. Such as last year, the global cotton industry in the United States affected by the more rain, many cotton-producing areas cut to 1983 since the trough, and China in 2009 due to cotton acreage decreased, cotton production decreased by 11%. According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) forecast, 2009/2010, the global cotton production cut 1.04 million tons, while the global consumption increased by 1.43 million tons, obviously insufficient production is expected in 2010 cotton prices will remain high.

Increased labor costs

    In terms of the textile industry, the labor cost per hour in China's coastal provinces is US $ 1.08, while the labor costs per hour for Vietnam, Pakistan and Cambodia are US $ 0.38, US $ 0.37 and US $ 0.33 respectively. The labor costs are only three in the Pearl River Delta region One by one. Bangladesh is lower for $ 0.22. China's labor costs increase will inevitably lead to part of the international orders to lower labor costs and countries and regions (such as ASEAN, etc.) transfer.

Active innovation

    Faced with a series of challenges, China's medical dressing industry is bound to enhance the industry's overall innovation. Medical dressing product innovation is mainly reflected in the product material innovation and product manufacturing process innovation. At present, the technical content of medical dressings products accounted for the proportion of China's medical dressings exports less than 10%, China's medical dressing industry research and development of new products far lower than the developed medical dressing industry.

    Therefore, the face of the development of the global medical dressing industry, China's medical dressing industry to make full use of national policy support, in improving their own management system at the same time, take the initiative to innovation, increase R & D investment, and further promote industrial restructuring and industrial upgrading, Innovation and enhance the marketing model, improve the added value of export products, the establishment of core competitive advantage, fundamentally resolve all aspects of the risk.



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