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The use of medical breathable tape with the advantages of interpretation

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The use of medical breathable tape with the advantages of interpretation

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1, the matrix composition is different

As we all know, the general use of rubber or high polymer chemical materials, and these materials are extracted from alcohol compounds, and the skin has a greater stimulus, although some domestic enterprises And the Institute has been the research and development of the dosage form, but most of the choice of hot melt adhesive, and hot melt melting point above 135 ℃, but only for the improved processing of the plaster, did not fundamentally solve the problem. Xi'an Rio Tinto Medical Devices Co., Ltd. production of breathable stickers using water-soluble polymer materials as the main ingredient, a good way to avoid the rubber and high polymer materials matrix shortcomings.

  2, the drug inclusive large

General of the plaster patch, the matrix after dosing in the thickness of about 0.1 mm, and the drug content is low, Xi'an Rio Tinto Medical Devices Co., Ltd. produced breathable adhesive test results proved that the addition of traditional Chinese medicine (extract, medicine Mud, dry powder), the paste in its thickness of 1 mm to 1.3 mm, an area of 65 × 90 mm or 70 × 100 mm, about 3 grams; drug mud in 2.5-3 grams; dry powder in 1 gram about. And the proportion of drugs and the matrix to further improve. The ratio of the general transdermal drug to the matrix is 90:10, and the product proves that the ratio can be increased to 65:35, compared with the increase in the proportion of the drug and the thickening of the drug-containing layer can fully satisfy the unit Dosage and efficacy lasting. To further ensure and strengthen the effect of drug treatment. The multi-year test showed that the matrix and drug adjustable controllable and high concentration of drug loading is very suitable for Chinese medicine multi-group high-dose administration of the characteristics.

  3, strong penetration, control sustained release effect is good

Medical medical breathable tape using hydrophilic polymer material, so that the drug is always in the active state, improve the active ingredients of the skin penetration of drugs, so that drugs directly to the lesion and drug release in the control of the obvious effect, the drug can be 24 Hours to 120 hours and even longer time to release the efficacy of uniform, to avoid the phenomenon of peak and valley drugs, which can improve the effective utilization of drug ingredients, and to achieve long-term constant. At present, the domestic market manufacturers with hot melt adhesive and chemical glue patch, completely wrapped in drugs in the colloid, how can we achieve the effect of drug transdermal absorption?

  4, strong affinity with the drug

Medical medical breathable tape with a special neutral formula, the ph value of 7 or so, you can add traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine; water-soluble, non-water soluble; acidic, alkaline and other drugs, have a good affinity, and the Drugs without any modification and effect, is ideal to add a variety of therapeutic drugs for pharmaceutical carriers.

The structure of medical medical breathable tape is composed of anti-sticking paper, adhesive (pharmaceutical preparation) and surface material, wherein the anti-sticking paper is composed of base base paper, impervious agent (PE) and anti-blocking agent (silicone) . It has a base layer of the base paper, PE layer, anti-stick layer, adhesive layer, surface material and other five main structure.



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