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What happens to the tape?

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What happens to the tape?

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Some people's physical fitness is sensitive, often there will be some allergies. Some people will appear drug allergy, some people will be allergic to the fruit, some people will be allergic to seafood, there will be a series of allergies. That if we have a tape allergy how to do? The following Xiaobian for everyone to sum up some of the methods.

    Speaking of tape allergy sad, in fact, there are many cases. A little bit of people may be on the infusion of the medical tape posted on the allergies, after the paste in the medical tape, the hands will appear on some small rash, it will be a little itch, like this situation, we can use some topical drugs Smear to solve, such as some anti-allergic Chinese medicine, common mainly Ointment, calamine liniment and so on. At the same time we can advance this kind of allergic phenomenon, in the infusion before we have to tell the nurse about the use of some other better ventilation, anti-allergic infusion glue paste and so on. If it is particularly serious medical tape allergy, first stop the use of tape, and oral some anti-allergy drugs, such as chlorpheniramine, vitamin C, calcium gluconate and so on.

    There is also a situation that we may be some drug allergy phenomenon. For some reason we may need to always paste some plaster of the tape, it is because of a long time paste, can cause skin allergies, some skin swelling phenomenon. For this drug tape allergy, the first is to stop the use of this drug tape, and the use of anti-allergic drugs cetirizine, Kai Ritan, etc., can also be coated with compound dexamethasone acetate cream or Annetx econazole cream and Sulfur ointment.

    In fact, mainly affect the tape allergy to the cause of allergies and the degree of allergies, and then in accordance with the specific circumstances of the right medicine.



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