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Surgical hand disinfection method

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Surgical hand disinfection method

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Before surgery, medical staff to use soap or soap and mobile water to wash hands, and then hand disinfectant to remove or kill the hands of temporary bacteria and reduce the process of resident bacteria. But now with a new hand-free disinfectant, surgical hand disinfection to reduce the surgical staff of the hand disinfection step, previously may take five to ten minutes of preparation time, can now be reduced to less than two minutes, greatly improved The efficiency of the work.

Hand skin microbes can be divided into two categories: habitat and temporary bacteria. Often bacteria can grow on the skin reproduction, and can be repeated separation, the general method is not easy to kill. Temporary bacteria are microorganisms that are temporarily contaminated at work and can only be separated in the short term and rarely propagate on the skin.

Temporary bacteria composition is often related to the work, and hospital infection is closely related to the general from the environment. So the operating room nurses to strictly enforce the surgical hand disinfection, to avoid cross-infection accident occurred. To ensure the successful completion of surgery.

    The Ministry of Health statistics, the average hospital infection rate of about four to eight percent, the mortality rate reached 70 percent, of which the hands of medical personnel to spread the bacteria caused by the hospital infection accounted for about 100 percent 30. Although the hand hygiene room to control the most basic aspects of nosocomial infection, the control of hospital infection is of great significance. Therefore, to improve the compliance of hand-washing behavior, cut off the transmission pathways, is an important measure to control hospital infection.

When cleaning your hands, you should pay attention to cleaning the nail under the dirt and hand skin folds. With a sterile dry towel in turn dry hands, forearm on the upper arm of the first one, is strictly prohibited back and forth Sassafras. Surgical handwashing and surgical hand disinfection should be performed when the patients are disrupted during surgery, when the gloves are damaged or the hands are contaminated. Wash hands should be relative to the palm of your hand, knuckle fingers cross each other rubbing, palm opponents back along the fingers rub each other, exchange. Bend your fingers to rotate the joints in the other palm. Right hand holding the left hand thumb rotation rub, hands exchange.



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