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ransparent dressings posted sterile transparent dressings

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ransparent dressings posted sterile transparent dressings

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PU film coating referred to as transparent dressings or sterile transparent dressings. As a new type of wound dressing paste, its excellent performance has been popular.

Transparent dressing is composed of release paper, polyurethane film (PU film), PET box and medical pressure sensitive adhesive, is widely used in the production of indwelling needle, intravenous catheter fixation and other clinical puncture care and surgical towel, transparent dressings, sterile dressings Paste and other wound care of the medical dressing products plaster stickers.

Transparent dressings, sterile and transparent dressings with the following characteristics:

1. To prevent water intrusion into the wound, after use without prejudice to bathing.

2. To prevent the invasion of bacteria, reduce the risk of infection.

3. To prevent the outside of the wound friction, reduce pain.

4. Keep breathing with the skin, provide epithelial cell regeneration of the humid environment, inhibit crust formation, speed up wound healing.

5. Do not stimulate the wound, fixed and reliable, when exposed to not hurt the skin.

6. easy to observe the wound healing.

7. suitable for paste in any part of the body, very comfortable and natural

【Instructions for use】

1, according to the size of the wound to choose the appropriate specifications of the wound paste.

2, the wound cleaning and disinfection, uncover the release of paper, so that the absorbent pad cover the wound, gently press the tape around the skin.


1, under the guidance of a doctor to use.

2, packaging damage is strictly prohibited, the goods for a one-time use.



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