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Application and precautions of scar application

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Application and precautions of scar application

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       Application and precautions of scar application

Scar application What is the general way of using it? What do we need to pay attention to after use?

The application of scar application is to clean the scar first and ensure the cleanliness of the scar and its surrounding position. Then, according to the area of the scar, the size of the scar applicator is cut, and the skin can be placed smoothly to the affected part.

 Scar application

It should be noted that eat foods rich in vitamin C, and periodic cleaning of scar applicator.

After the scar is repaired, it is also necessary to maintain an optimistic mood. Be careful not to use unhealthy products regularly and not to eat unhealthy foods regularly. Advise patients not to touch water, eat more vitamin foods, do not eat cold, Spicy Seafood, drink plenty of water, take good care of rest, do not often stay up late.

Daily life as far as possible to avoid external stimuli and local stimulation, do not eat sour, spicy dishes or other stimulant food. Attack period, avoid yellow croaker, shrimp, seafood and other easy to cause allergy food, if more serious, it is recommended to go to a regular professional hospital for examination and treatment.

 Scar application

After use, we should pay attention to the details of life, pay attention to diet, work and rest rules, keep the stickers at all times clean and clean, do not touch with hands frequently to avoid bacterial infection.

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