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Characteristics of medical adhesive tape

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Characteristics of medical adhesive tape

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                      Characteristics of medical adhesive tape

Tapes have been widely used in our daily life. Moreover, tapes are often used in the medical industry. We often see the shadow of tapes in hospitals. Taking blood and making an electrocardiogram usually use adhesive tape. And this tape is different from our ordinary tape. The side uses the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. What are the characteristics of medical pressure sensitive adhesive tape and what are different from them? Now let's take a look with the Xiaobian.


For medical products, especially direct or indirect contact with human body medical products, their safety is mainly reflected in environmental protection, biocompatibility, stability of production process and traceability. For key process parameters, its process capability index (CPK) > 1.33 is usually required, and it can be traced back to LOT batches of raw materials batches, operators, equipment parameters and other related information, so as to conduct investigation and improvement of problems.


The function of pressure sensitive adhesive tape is simply sticky. According to the online understanding of coating, for medical pressure sensitive adhesive tape, there are 3 main points:

1. Is the viscosity of the material adequate? When the adhesive tape needs to paste the material and skin (for example, when used for surgical towels), the adhesive tape should be firmly pasted on the skin surface.

2, whether the skin viscosity is appropriate: since most medical tapes need to paste the skin, they should have the appropriate viscosity instead of the stronger the better sticky. The 3M clinical research department assessed the strength and applicability of adhesive tape to skin by measuring the peel strength of adhesive tape.

3, whether it can adapt to the corresponding sterilization mode: different sterilization methods have different effects on product performance. Selecting materials suitable for sterilization is an important part of product design.

 Pu transparent tape


The comfort of medical products has been paid more and more attention by medical staff and patients along with the improvement of medical level. For medical products using pressure sensitive adhesive tape, whether the pain is torn off, whether there will be residual glue, compliance and elasticity, and the intuitive feeling of stuffy stuffy patients are the concrete embodiment of the comfort of adhesive tape. How to transform these items into quantifiable and measurable indicators is an important task for medical tape manufacturers.

In the process of product design, choosing the right raw material is the most important work, and often becomes the key factor to decide the success or failure of the product. In the above mentioned products, although medical tape is not the only raw material component, it has played a role in whether the product is effective.

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