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Medical tape treatment

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Medical tape treatment

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Jiangsu Guangyi medical dressings Co., Ltd. is a company that mainly runs all kinds of medical adhesive tape. How should we solve the problem if the medical adhesive tape is allergic?

1, first, get rid of the substance that causes allergy. Medical adhesive tape 

2, usually avoid contact with medical tape.

 Jiangsu Guangyi medical dressing Co., Ltd.

3. Secondly, pay attention to the influence of environmental and climatic changes.

4, the general situation in time to stop, after a period of time is good, no treatment. Medical treatment is necessary if necessary.

5, considering that allergic dermatitis is related to environmental climate change, diet, immunity and poor body resistance, first of all, pay attention to diet, eat spicy, seafood, beef and mutton.

6, if local skin edema, ulceration, we should carefully debridement, remove colloidal residue of adhesive tape, protect the wound, and prevent bacterial infection.

7, tape tape should not be too long.

8, do not stick to the spot of erythema.

9, bandage bandage to avoid adhesive tape contact with the skin.

10, serious people should seek medical treatment immediately.

 Jiangsu Guangyi medical dressing Co., Ltd.

For medical pressure sensitive adhesive tape, the stability requirements and traceability requirements should be higher than those of other adhesive tape products.

1. For key process parameters, medical adhesive tape usually requires its process capability index (CPK) >1.33.

2, medical tape can be traced back to the batch number of raw materials, operators, equipment parameters and other related information through the LOT number, so as to carry out investigation and improvement of the problem.

Medical tape is no more than other adhesive tape. It is mainly safety first, and it should be more strict when making.

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