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Precautions for medical tape

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Precautions for medical tape

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                          Precautions for medical tape

What are the attentions for the use of some medical tapes?


The use of medical hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive products, does not require skin irritation, such as redness, itching, small papules and other allergic reactions.

 Pu transparent tape

Two. Permeability

Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive products have good breathability, which will greatly reduce the skin allergy, and make the skin covered by sticky products and breathe breathless as usual. It has a positive effect on skin perspiration, keeping dry wounds and accelerating wound healing.

Three. Adhesion

People's skin is dry and oily. There are also differences between hairs and dense hair and no hairs. There are smooth and rough parts. Medical hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesive products can meet the needs of most people's skin. They can be pasted on the skin. They can maintain a certain adhesive force under the condition of sweat or body secretion under moist or stuffy conditions.

Four. Compatibility with skin

Peel strength should not be too large: peel off the strength of medical hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesive products that can not be oversized and keep it within a certain limit. Otherwise, the skin will feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable. When exposed, there will be pain and easy to lift up the hair and damage the skin.

(2) the initial viscosity of the skin is better: most of the material is used on the wound or around the wound, so it should not be squeezed hard. Therefore, the initial adhesive of the adhesive is better, and it can instantly paste the skin.

There is no residual glue after rip: there is no residual glue left from the skin, especially around the edges of the adhesive material.

Five. Adapt to disinfection.

Many adhesives and wound pads applied to wounds need to be sterilized. The adhesive products can not be spoiled because of disinfectants. At present, the use of gamma ray and drilling ray disinfection has little effect on the glue, and the use of hot steam disinfection may cause changes.

 Pu transparent tape

Six. Conducting medical tests.

(1) cytotoxicity test: check the possible exhaled toxic substances in adhesives.

(2) skin irritation test: it is used to test the possibility of skin irritation in the material after coating.

(3) skin allergy test: repeated tests on skin of different age groups and different people to test the reaction of skin allergy.

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