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How to select medical PU membrane

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How to select medical PU membrane

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How to select medical PU membrane

Many people ask about buying when choosing. Medical PU membrane It is impossible to clearly identify the quality of its products, so that the seller is cheated to buy inferior products, so the PU film with excellent quality can not be purchased. So today Xiaobian summed up several ways to identify the quality of PU film products, so that everyone can improve their purchasing ability, so that they can choose to buy their own PU film products. So let's take a look at the ways in which we can identify the quality of their products.

 Medical PU membrane

1, taste can be used to judge whether the product has a pungent odor, and if there is, it shows poor quality.

2, it can be judged by touching the texture of medical PU film. The qualified PU film will be more smooth and without water chestnut.

3, observe the product surface is intact, once the surface of the product is damaged, the quality of its product can not be guaranteed whether it is safe, and can not be used.

4, check whether the packaging of medical PU film has good sealing performance. Once the sealing is not good, it will explain the quality of the product.

5, to see whether the formal production of products, generally regular factory production is more secure.

 Medical PU membrane

So when we choose medical PU membrane, we can identify the quality through these methods. Once there is a problem, it shows that the selected PU film products may have some security risks. It is recommended not to buy them. At the same time, Xiaobian also suggested that when you select PU film, you can ask professional opinions. The other party can recommend a more suitable PU film product according to your actual conditions and requirements.

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