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Common seven kinds of medical dressing materials

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Common seven kinds of medical dressing materials

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Seven common types of medical dressing materials, the earliest and most traditional dressing is to use gauze to treat skin wounds, but now there are more and more new medical dressings to replace it. Why this trend? With the aging of the world's population, chronic wound management for the elderly has become an increasingly serious problem, and skin can play an important role in preventing the loss of water and electrolytes to our bodies. Therefore, after skin injury, it is necessary to use skin substitute medical dressing to protect the wound, prevent wound infection and severe dehydration, provide a moist environment conducive to wound healing, and promote wound healing.

Seven common medical dressings are as follows:

(1) natural gauze is the first and most widely used dressing.

(2) Foamed poly-cluster dressing is a kind of dressing made by foaming polymer materials. The surface is often covered with a layer of poly-semipermeable membrane, and some of them have self-adhesive.

(3) Alginate dressing, a kind of natural fiber dressing extracted from natural algae plants, is a high-tech dressing made by fine processing procedures.

Colloid dressings are currently one of the most advanced medical dressings.

Nano silver dressing is a kind of natural environmental friendly precious metal (silver) dressing. It is made of high-tech nano technology. This nano silver has super broad spectrum bactericidal ability, no drug resistance, and excellent tissue repair function. This is a kind of high technology and advanced dressings, which has broad application prospects.

_Polymer film dressing is a kind of more advanced dressing, with oxygen, water vapor and other gases can be freely permeable, and the environment particles such as dust and microorganisms can not pass through the characteristics.

PU film aseptic dressing

The last one is synthetic fiber dressing, which is also widely used at present.

There are so many common medical dressings, I hope the introduction of Lianyungang Guangyi Medical Accessories Co., Ltd. can be useful to you!



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