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Discussion on the product of PU film

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Discussion on the product of PU film

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Essential conditions for stable quality PU film:

1. R & D capability

Any high-quality products are inseparable from the leading research and development capabilities, as a new type of optical PU film materials need to have a leading, cutting-edge, strength of the R & D capabilities and team. The PU film products with stable quality should have the R&D capability of PU collagen, and the R&D capability of the properties of PU glue. Only the core technologies such as the properties of PU collagen and raw materials can ensure the stability of PU glue.

2, technical level

The technical level determines the basis of product quality. The technical level determines the quality basis of optical PU film products. The functional characteristics of PU film products are based on the technical level, i.e. the level of formulation. The material and specifications of any accessories of PU film need different formulations. Each formulation needs to be developed, tested and applied after confirmation. It's a qualified formula.

3. High precision equipment

No matter how high the technological level and how strong the R&D ability are, we need high-precision equipment to produce stable and high-quality products. However, PU membrane has high requirements in production equipment and production environment. Otherwise, no matter how strong the R&D ability and technological level are, we can not produce stable quality PU membrane products.

4, market applications

Any product, no matter how strong R&D capability, how high technology level, and how advanced high-precision equipment, needs to go through market application and market continuous improvement to ensure its product maturity and stability. The application of PU protective film needs more market validation. In addition to the initial test, a mature and stable PU protective film needs to undergo seasonal changes in high temperature and humidity throughout the year to ensure the true stability of the PU protective film.



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