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Instructions for use of scar applicator

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Instructions for use of scar applicator

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              Instructions for use of scar applicator

Scar application It is a medical silicone gel membrane. It is easy to use and clean, paste no foreign body sensation, and does not need other dressings to fix. It has good breathability and moisture retention, and helps to soften and soften the scar.

Scar application can be based on the actual size of the scar, to determine the use of a large area of scar applicator, after cleaning the affected area, apply the adhesive directly to the wound. It should be noted that we should develop good eating habits at ordinary times, eat more fruits and vegetables, light food, drink plenty of water, eat less chili and drink less, and do not eat spicy food.

If the scarring is applied repeatedly, the scar can be removed and washed with warm water. Then it can be dried and can not be exposed to the sun. It should be noted that during the use of scar applicator, do not use with other drugs, so as not to have side effects and aggravate the condition. We should pay more attention to the wound condition and apply the new scar applicator after the application is automatically dropped.

1, before using this product, you should wash the scar area first.

2. Take out the product, carefully remove the back layer, and stick the sticky side to the scar area.

3. Each tablet can be reused and cleaned with warm water.

Dry at the cleanroom and paste again.

 Scar application

What are the matters needing attention in the application of scar application?

1, the application time of scar applicator should last at least twelve hours, and two to four months of continuous use will have certain effect.

2, for people with allergies, they should pay attention to making a simple allergy test before applying the scarring. If the skin is not red, you can rest assured that you can apply the scar application.

3, scar application can not be used on fresh wounds (including wounds that have not yet healed or damaged skin), and should be applied directly to the wound surface after wound healing.

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