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Brief introduction of PU film

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Brief introduction of PU film

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                    Brief introduction of PU film

Medical PU membrane It has good elasticity and light height. Although its thickness is very thin (0.012-0.035mm), it has other physical properties which can not be compared with other materials (which can withstand water pressure above 10000mm water column). High technology is used to introduce hydrophilic agents into the materials, so that the film has better waterproof performance and has better moisture permeability (human sweat can be freely penetrated through the membrane). The breakthrough of this function, combined with the processing technology of textile industry, greatly improves the added value of textiles. It has been widely used in snow coat, windbreaker, cold proof jacket and gloves.

 Medical PU membrane

PU is polyurethane, PU skin is polyurethane skin. Now clothing manufacturers widely use this material to make garments, commonly known as imitation leather clothing.PU is the abbreviation of English ploy urethane, the Chinese name of the chemical polyurethane, its quality is also good and bad, good bags are mostly imported PU skin; PU leather is generally the reverse side is the two layer leather of cowhide, the surface is coated with a layer of PU resin, so it is also known as film skin. Its price is cheaper and its utilization rate is high. With the change of technology, it has also been made into various grades, such as imported two layers of cowhide. Because of its unique technology, stable quality and novel varieties, the price and grade of the good leather are no less than that of the first layer of leather. PU leather and genuine leather bags have their own characteristics. The PU bag looks beautiful, well managed, low in price, but not wearable and easy to break. Real leather is expensive, troublesome, but durable.





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